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Vlad Lapshin

CA Realtor
Lic #02023763

My name is Vladislav Lapshin but I usually go by Vlad. I was born in Tver, Russia in 1986 and then moved to San Jose, Ca in 1997 when I was 11 years old. My mom brought my sister and I to the land of opportunity to give us a better life. I have spent 20 years living in the Bay Area and recently decided to move to Carson City, NV to pursue new opportunities. I have 10 years of experience working as a Leasing Consultant for property management companies leasing luxurious apartments. I possess a strong passion for real estate and everything related to it. I am extremely excited to be a Realtor, especially in the beautiful area of South Lake Tahoe. I strongly believe that people get rewarded for their hard work most of the time. Life can be difficult and challenging at times but what matters is how a person deals with that situation. One of my favorite personal mottos in life is "it doesn't matter how many times you fall but how many times you get up".

There’s no place else on earth quite like Lake Tahoe, California and owning property here is one of the great privileges of life. I love this area and once I show you around, I’m convinced you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own in the mountains. When to buy? Where to buy? What areas should I avoid? How can I really make sure I’m getting a good deal? These are the questions I can help you answer. Give me a call today at 408-318-8039 and let’s get started!

I have a beautiful son named Lincoln and a beautiful fiance names Tara. I am very blessed to have such an amazing family. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats in my household. I love spending time with my family, working out, playing ice hockey, spending time at the beach, traveling, and of course real estate. I was blessed to play minor pro hockey in Sydney, Australia and I got to practice with the San Jose Sharks for 3 months. I am very friendly and sociable person who is easy to get a long with. I went through many challenges in my life which made me for who I am today!